Creative Director

Temitope Alade was born and raised in Ile-Ife, a graduate of obafemi  awolowo university (1994).I’m a product of a very beautiful environment, appreciate being born and breed so close to nature,cos this help to boost my inborn creative nature.

Designer’s Note

Art is life,its inborn for me.I can remember as a child, I’ll do anything to earn trips to the university museum over and over again,staring at the same artifacts,I had seen a countless times as if I am just seeing them for the first time,looking at those carvings,sculptures,and paintings again birthed new creativity in me.I strolled around the parks and gardens a lot,basking in the freshness of the streams and plants,whistles of birds,and beauties of the OAU campus , lying on the green lawn,reading any of those pacesetters novels, losing my self in the world of imaginations.I knew I loved arts soo much that ill do anything to go watch a stage drama at thefaculty of  African studies,I sketched,and painted.just being myself, things just fell into shape.Now I find fulfillment in seeing my sketches evolve into fulfillment comes majorly from satisfied clients,that’s my priority as a Creative Director of IBILE VOGUE.